Pearson Fuels Expects Continued E85 Growth in California
Feb 1, 2018 – Oil Price Information Service

As Gas Prices Rise, Consumers Find Deals In Alternative Fuel
March 8, 2016 – KPBS
A couple times a week, Brittany Garcia fills up her SUV at Pearson Fuel in City Heights. “It saves me like, I’d say $100 a week. It saves me a lot,” said Brittany Garcia, who commutes to the gas station from National City. Garcia, a mother of four, is not buying regular gasoline. She’s in the market for E85, made up of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gas. The corn-­based fuel was selling last week for $1.89 — nearly 50 cents cheaper than regular unleaded. She said she only recently discovered she had a flex-­fuel vehicle capable of using the biofuel. “But it’s hard because a lot of gas stations don’t have it,” Garcia said.

Pearson’s California growth proves there’s demand for E85
Sep 2, 2015

Sacramento Area Drivers Fill Up for Less
Aug 12, 2015

$2.69 Per Gallon! Cheaper Fuel Alternative Comes to Valley
Jul 16, 2015

Pearson Fuels Celebrates 10 Years
Sep 6, 2013 – San Diego Daily Transcript

Transportation Fuel Landscape
Jun 10, 2013 – Biodiesel – America’s Advanced Biofuel

Executive Profile | Mike Lewis
(PDF File: Requires Adobe Reader)
Jun 3, 2013 – San Diego Business Journal

Pearson to Expand California E85
January 16, 2013 – Fleets & Fuels

Pearson Fuels Receives $1.35M Grant from Energy Commission
January 15, 2013 – San Diego Business Journal

San Diego Drivers Consider Alternative Fuels
April 2, 2012 – KPBS Public Broadcasting

February Ending with Record Gas Prices
Feb 28, 2011 – The San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego biofuels company lands $1.8M grant
Oct 12, 2010 – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Pearson Fuels Celebrates Opening of First Ethanol Fuel Station in the San Jacinto Valley, California on May 21 With Ribbon-Cutting Ceremonies and E85 Priced at $.85 Per Gallon
May 20, 2010

Chevron Ethanol fueling station slated to open in San Jose
October 17th, 2008 – San Jose Business Journal

East Bay pumps bring ethanol to Bay Area
October 17th, 2008 – San Francisco Business Times

Find Out Where You’ll Get Ethanol Fuel For Your Car
October 16th, 2008 –

Ethanol fueling station opens to public
October 9th, 2008 –

Ethanol fueling station now open in Carlsbad
October 9th, 2008 – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Ethanol stations set for Perris, Beaumont
October 9th, 2008 – The Press-Enterprise

Bressi Ranch’s New Alterna-Fuel Pumps
October 8th, 2008 –

Ethanol Entrepreneur Marks His Comeback
Oct 9th, 2008 –

E85 Station Opens in Concord, California
Aug 6, 2008

San Diego station is in the fast lane with alternative fuels
Jul 19, 2008

Drivers Turn To Ethanol To Combat High Gas Prices
Jun 9, 2008

May 1, 2007

Entrepreneur Magazine
Feb 20, 2007

Converted SDG&E Prius into a plug-in hybrid
Jan 1, 2007

MSNBC calling Pearson Fuels the “Fuel Station of the Future”
Jul 13, 2006

The Washington Post – Associated Press
Jun 11, 2006

ECO-Center at San Diego’s Regional Transportation Center
Jan 1, 2004

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 6, 2003

PBS (Video)
Jan 1, 2004

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