Renewable Diesel

What is Renewable Diesel?

Renewable Diesel (RD) is made from the same feedstocks as biodiesel, but it has a different production process and is therefore a distinct fuel. With RD, the feedstock is reacted with hydrogen during what is known as the hydrotreating process. The hydrotreated paraffins are isomerized, which lowers the Cloud Point. Another difference is RD has no oxygen, whereas biodiesel does. RD meets the ASTM D975 diesel specification, and is therefore a drop-in replacement for petroleum diesel.

Renewable Diesel offers a higher Cetane Rating than most conventional petroleum diesel and is attractive as a blend base with Biodiesel.

Pearson Fuels is a distributor of Renewable Diesel throughout the Western United States. We sell RD to Refiners, Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers and Government and Municipal Agencies.