E85 Gas For 1.85 a Gallon

E85 Gas For 1.85 a Gallon

Pearson Fuels has announced that effective immediately, it has provided a rebate program to its participating retail station partners allowing many of them to lower their flex fuel price to $1.859.

“We are entering an economy the likes of which none of us have ever seen. We want to make sure that all of our E85 gas customers can get affordable fuel during these uncertain times.”

said Mike Lewis, Co-Founder

As a pioneer in the fuel industry, Pearson Fuels is able to act fast across its network and is continuously working on adding more stations to the list of lowered prices which can be found on their E85 Flex Fuel Station Finder app.

E85 Flex Fuel is a high ethanol blend fuel, containing 83% ethanol, specifically designed for Flex Fuel Vehicles. A list of compatible vehicles can be found on pearsonfuels.com.

Pearson Fuels is the largest and fastest growing E85 flex fuel distributor on the West coast and aims to open 50 more stations within the coming year.